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Millersville Catholic is a Family on mission. You already support us through your prayers, though we will always ask for more, and you support us in a small way through the Lenten appeal. We would love to keep you updated on our mission here. Please sign up to be added to our monthly newsletter! 


Letter to Our Supporters

Dear friend of Millersville Catholic,

            It’s good to have you as part of this family. These past few months for Alicia, the Associate Campus Minister here, and myself have been exciting as we both settled into our new roles. In addition to the great events we detail in the newsletter, the Newman House continues to host a home-cooked meal for students each Wednesday evening, we have men’s and women’s Bible studies and have begun forming student leaders to begin their own Bible studies on campus next semester, and we continue to offer Mass on campus most days and every Sunday evening at 6:00pm – you are most welcome to join us if you are ever in the area!

            I hope that as part of this family, we can be counted on for your prayers. Both Alicia and myself consider it a huge blessing to be instruments of God in leading our young people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years, I have had many parents share with me as a priest the stories of their children struggling with faith. It’s no secret that 40-50% of Catholics leave the faith while in college. But the other side to that reality is that they truly are hungering to be engaged in authentic relationships and challenged by the Good News of Jesus Christ.  They don’t just “show up” anymore (as you know), but as Alicia and I have learned, if you go out and invite, they’re ready to talk! Our big problem is, we don’t have enough time to engage all those who are ready! So please keep us in your prayers!

            In addition to your prayers, will you also think and pray about making this mission family part of your tithe?

            I spoke at the Diocesan Women’s Conference not too long ago and asked them: “Knowing that most of those who leave the Faith do so during college, how much does your parish budget for college-aged young adult ministry?” (In case you were wondering, most said “nothing”.) We rely solely upon donations to the campus ministry and a small part of the Lenten appeal. Currently, the majority of our budget goes towards upkeep: renting the building for Mass, maintaining the Newman House, making sure the freezer is stocked for student meals.  What is left from that allows us to do the small activities I mentioned earlier. 

            But I feel the Lord is ready to work far more miracles in far more lives and that we can move from simply maintaining the faith of the few to becoming missionaries to many. Two noteworthy opportunities that we are being called to provide are:

·      4 FOCUS missionaries – the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) is one of the greatest evangelizers of our young people on college campus today.  You can check them out at They are young adults who just graduated college with an intense desire to return to the college campus as missionaries to lead others to Jesus Christ.

·      Authentic retreats to encounter Jesus in powerful ways such as:

o   MillersvilleBound – a retreat for incoming freshmen to establish them in a community centered on Jesus Christ (did you know that most freshmen stop going to Church simply because they don’t know anyone else who is going?)

o   Search – a retreat for all students based on the Cursillo/Kairos model to lead students into deeper knowledge of self and greater intimacy with God

o   Busy Person’s Retreat – an on-campus “retreat” that allows students to meet one-on-one with spiritual directors to help them more fully live the life God calls them to.

o   SEEK2017 – a 5-day retreat for 10,000 college students from all over the country, words cannot quite describe this experience

I truly believe this is one of the greatest mission fields in the United States today, and we hope to raise up servant leaders of Jesus Christ who will change this world.

            To accomplish this task, again, we are looking for individuals and families whose hearts are invested in college students and would like to make this campus ministry part of their tithe. Our target goal to accomplish the above-mentioned task is $65,000. I would like you to be part of this mission family with your prayers and your support. I also know some of you are parts of local parish organizations like the CCW and Knights of Columbus and perhaps your organization would like to partner with us in the mission?

            If you are ever in the Millersville area, I would love to have you visit! Just call or email me to make sure someone is around. Also, if I can be of any help, if you have any questions, or you want to talk about anything, do not hesitate to contact me. I truly do hope we can partner in this amazing mission!

            Thank you for your prayerful consideration! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

                                                                                                                                             In Christ,

                                                                                                                                             Fr. Brian Wayne


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