"Jesus offers us something bigger than the World Cup! He offers us the possibility of a fulfilled and fruitful life; He also offers us a future with Him, an endless future, eternal life. But He asks us to train, 'to get in shape', so that we can face every situation in life undaunted, bearing witness to our faith. How do we get in shape? By talking with Him: by prayer, which is our daily conversation with God, who always listens to us. By the sacraments, which make his life grow within us and conform us to Christ. By loving one another, learning to listen, to understand, to forgive, to be accepting and to help others, everybody, with no one excluded or ostracized. Dear young people, be true 'athletes of Christ'!" ~ Pope Franics, World Youth Day 2013

Sunday Mass

6:00pm, Wesley Hall (121 N. George St.)

Adoration and Daily Mass

Monday- No Mass

Tuesday- 12:15pm

Wednesday- 4:30pm

Thursday- 6pm

Friday- 12:15pm

Saturday- 9am

Adoration will take place for one hour prior to the start of daily Mass.  Both adoration and Mass will be in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in the Newman House, 227 N. George Street.


Sunday: 5:00-5:55pm and after Sunday Masses during Lent.

Confessions will happily be heard after any daily Mass, and students are highly encouraged to ask for the sacrament anytime, anywhere. 


Please check the calendar for more info on both our Spring Break retreat to the mountains and the Encounter diocesan retreat.